The first group workout created by fitness managers for fitness managers

Groundbreaking fitness program

Developed by experts and combining multiple fitness disciplines, the main goal of P.Boxx is to help your customers achieve their goals and to offer you unlimited opportunities for new fitness classes.

The P.Boxx

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The Academy

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  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced clients
  • Perfect for small groups and large audiences
  • No complicated choreography
  • Incredibly low cost of the product
  • Always on a stock with fast delivery dates
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Online platform with access to content and workouts
  • Ready to use workouts
  • Over 800 different exercises
  • New content and exercises every week
  • Fast and easy to study from your coaches
  • A proven method that keeps the fitness clients interested and engaged and increases the retention percentage by 60%
  • Guaranteed protection from injuries both to coaches and clients of the fitness
  • Fun, tough, and every workout session is different
  • Without specific requirements for the flooring of the workouts (parquet, rubber, or vinyl)
  • Suitable for outside workouts
  • Easy to store and does not take space for storage
  • Incredible durable and resistant to amortization
  • Fast and easy promotion to fitness clients
  • The product is environmentally friendly due to its high recyclable materials


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