About Us

Who created P.Boxx?

P.Boxx was created by Paskal Doychev who is the owner of Pulse Fitness & Spa, one of the most successful fitness chains in Bulgaria. Pulse Fitness & Spa was established in 2012. It is the first fitness chain in Bulgaria built entirely on the principle of club membership.


Club membership gives full and comprehensive access to all services – the specialized cardio, strength and spa areas, group classes, and personal trainer training.


Alongside this, our members enjoy a range of extras outside the confines of the clubs, such as organized sports camps, personalized diets, and discounts within the Pulse Fitness & Spa partner network.

new vision

With Pulse Fitness & Spa, we were able to provide an unmatched experience in the local market and introduce a new vision of the fitness clubs.

Unprecedented range of services

Currently, we have over 120 professional trainers and 13 clubs across Bulgaria. We provide an unprecedented range of services for Sofia and Bulgaria – from the full coverage of the capital with top-class clubs to training with the most qualified personal trainers and the largest variety of group classes in the country. P.Boxx is a Pulse Fitness product. We are incorporating it into our gyms and we provide other fitness clubs with oportunity to use the P.Boxx.


Paskal Doychev

Paskal Doychev has won multiple national and international karate competitions. He is a property developer and owner of Pulse Fitness & Spa. The foundation of his business and philosophy of life is sports discipline and his ability to adapt to a changing environment. He is a man who never stops evolving. That’s why the innovative product he developed is one of a kind – the universal fitness platform P.Boxx (Paskal Box) speaks for itself.

Why we created P.Boxx?

The idea about the P.Boxx stumbled upon Paskal Doychev during the pandemic crisis when he had to stay home. He wanted to combine his vast majority of knowledge in sports with the unavailability of people to go to gyms due to COVID-19 restrictions. This combination resulted in the creation of the P.Boxx.

The product brings all the group activities together in one place, keeps the body safe, and successfully replaces exercise mats. You only have to touch it to understand how different and innovative it is. Those inches that lift the P.Boxx off the ground change the angle on many exercises. The characteristic here is that anyone can do their favorite activity in a P.Boxx workout and build it up. From Pilates to CrossFit, there’s no exercise your clients can’t do with the P.Boxx.

From Pilates to CrossFit, there’s no exercise your clients can’t do with the P.Boxx.