What is the Academy?

The Academy has over 800 online workout videos created by our best-certified trainers. The workouts have various intensities and are suitable for beginners and advanced clients. With the Academy, you can train your coaches easily, fast, and affordably. In this way, we eliminate the problem of substitution of the absent coaches, because another coach could easily take over their schedule.


All future trainers who have successfully completed the training
receive a certificate about their competence and the right to lead group classes in P.Boxx.

The certificate is issued jointly with the European Fitness Academy. They are a licensed training institution and a member of the European network of trainers EREPS.

Contact us today and find out how you can enroll in our academy and get your P.Boxx professional qualification certificate.

The P.Boxx workouts

P.Boxx is an intensive conditioning program during which physical fitness and coordination are worked on. Balance and endurance are improved, and various technical skills are acquired. Last but not least, the metabolism is sped up, many calories are burned in a short time and excess fat is melted.

The typical structure of the workout

Warm-up for the whole body

This way the trainees focus and prepare for the more intensive part of the program.

Dynamic exercises

During which the pulse is raised, and we focus on burning calories as well as building muscle mass


Needed to relax the body, avoid injuries, and for faster recovery.

What makes our Academy unique?

  • Fast and reliable education of your coaches
  • Could be used as a marketing tool in your gym
  • Your clients will achieve their results easier
  • We focus on the safety
  • Various exercises and full-body workouts
  • Duration of the workout is between 45 and 60 minutes
  • Suitable for all levels (beginners, advanced, and professionals)
  • Safe for both the trainers and the clients
  • The calories burned in a workout vary between 800 and 1800
  • We offer over 800 online classes and we will add new classes every week
  • Easier substitution of your coaches
  • Choose between whole-body workouts or a specific muscle group.

Faster and easier implementation

We understand how hard it can be to implement a new service or a product in your fitness center, so we have prepared two options for the easier implementation of P.Boxx in your facility.

Live coaching at your facility

When you partner with us and we can send a team of our best coaches, who will spend time in your fitness and will help your staff to directly implement the product.

Coaching of your team at our facilities in Bulgaria

Or your staff can come to Bulgaria in order to be thought on the specifics of the workouts with P.Boxx and how to implement it in your fitness facilities.
Contact us to receive a personalized offer for your fitness business.