Pioneering fitness tool

P.Boxx is a fitness accessory that has the perfect balance between hardness and stability, which was developed by the experts that created the most successful fitness centers chain in Bulgaria, Pulse.
The concept of the P.Boxx platform is to be equally suitable for light daily exercises, for example, Pilates or stretching, but also to be used in professional athletes’ training programs.
One of the main advantages is that P.Boxx provides maximum protection for the body – the musculoskeletal system and reduces the likelihood of injury to the joints of the wrists, elbows, and knees.

Why P.Boxx?

Developed by experts

P.Boxx is the first group class that was created by people who operate fitness centers and understand the needs and issues of the business. Every manager in the industry faces a number of challenges when choosing a group activity to organize for the clients of their facilities.


P.Boxx is suitable for individual training, small groups of trainers, boot camps, and large festivals. Moreover, the P.Boxx academy offers different intensity workouts depending on the level of the participants. Furthermore, P.Boxx workouts can target specific muscle groups or the whole body.

High-quality and innovative materials

P.Boxx is remarkably durable and has a 12-month warranty, and because of its foam core, it keeps the coaches safe from injury. The structure of the classes doesn’t overwork the coach, and they are able to lead multiple sessions each day.

Provides a soft and low-impact surface

P.Boxx protects your clients too. Group classes could be one of the leading sources of unwanted injuries. P.Boxx training reduces the likelihood of injuries, and your clients can do multi-repetition workouts. The product provides a softer low-impact solution compared to wooden or metal alternatives.

Comes with over 800 classes

P.boxx classes are easy, fast, and affordable training for your coaches. Virtually every conditioning coach is trainable quickly without worrying about who will take over their schedule if they are absent. Thus you are not dependent on your “star” trainers. P.Boxx, is an exceptionally inexpensive product, both as a fitness accessory and as a fee for the online platform and training coaches.

Engage with your gym members

P.Boxx is extremely easy to promote to your gym clients. You only need to place a few P.Boxx in the functional exercise areas and one screen where clients can watch basic exercises. You will then have no problem integrating a large number of people into your studio for group classes.

Easy to store

P.Boxx is exceptionally light (2,7KG) and is easily movable around your gym facilities. Due to its dimensions (64cm/90cm/15cm), it can be effortlessly stored. Depending on your gym’s available space, the P.boxx can be stored one over the other or on the side.

12-months warranty

We believe strongly in the quality of the P.Boxx. Thus we give 12 months warranty for each P.boxx. We care about the environment, and we are proud to announce that 80% of the product materials are recyclable.

Product characteristics

P.Boxx is designed to be durable, to have effortless storage, and to have the perfect balance between softness and stability. P.Boxx is suitable for use indoors and outdoors – regardless of flooring and weather conditions.
  • Foam core – EPE Foam with a hardness of 50-60%, which absorbs the impact
  • Durable vinyl cover
  • Weight: 2,7kg
  • Measurements: 64.00cm x 90.00cm x 15.00cm
  • Made of waterproof and elastic coating
  • 1-year warranty

Short videos

Be the first one to offer the innovative P.Boxx fitness program in your fitness centers. We will also provide you with a personalized onboarding experience that suits your needs.